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Mindset Development


Mindset development for kids is all about empowering kids by helping them understand how their mind works! In all our sessions, kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives, so that they can take their life, goals, and dreams wherever they want to go.

In our group sessions, we begin with a common area of concern or focus, and dive right into the WISDOM stories, utilizing the strategies and tools of our unique program to adapt and thrive! Stories are used to teach mind-set skills in a way that kids understand them. In the stories, kids hear about real-life problems that they might experience: earning a bad grade, getting in trouble at school, not being invited to a birthday party, being teased by other kids, doing poorly in a sporting event, messing up at a recital, and dealing with peer pressure.

Each session consists of storytelling, focused discussion, and fun activities and games to make learning exciting!

In these sessions, our groups have the chance to connect with one another, share their own experiences and stories, build bonds, and support each other, in a safe and inviting environment. Through our coaching, kids are empowered to be self-leaders in their lives, in order to create happiness and success with emotional resiliency, as they journey through life.

Sessions are 50 min, and are conducted once a week. Programs are 6 weeks in duration. Spots fill up quickly as we take a maximum of 5 students per group.
Currently, sessions are offered both in person and virtually.

We require complete payment upon registration to secure your child’s spot.

Our sessions are facilitated by Ranita Charania, M.Ed, a certified Positive Youth Development Trainer and Leadership Mentor. Sessions are 50 minutes in length, and are conducted once a week. New weekly sessions will begin in March!

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These sessions are private and are one-on-one. They are specifically designed to suit the needs of the individual child. Essentially, they focus on learning the power of the mind, positive self-talk, the attainment of powerful self-confidence and self-esteem, gratitude, power shifting thoughts, affirmations, the law of attraction, and creating a vision, setting goals, and more!

The sessions are based on the WISDOM system for mindset development, where stories are utilized as powerful learning tools. Stories make us think, and they make us feel. They imprint a picture in our mind and a feeling in our heart. This creates an experience and helps us understand.

At Invincible Kids, our priority is to provide a safe space for your child to connect with themselves, discuss their challenges and wins, and of course, move towards the attainment of their goals with self-confidence.

Sessions are 50 min and are conducted once a week for twelve weeks. A twelve session package will be personalized and tailored to fit the child’s specific needs.

Initially, we will conduct a complimentary family session in order to discuss the needs of the child. Packages are designed in collaboration with the parent/guardian.

We will offer support via email during the program, and parents will obtain updates on their child’s progress every three sessions.

A limited number of private clients are taken, and spots fill up quickly.

Currently all sessions are offered both in person and virtually.


Invincible Us

A child’s brain can stretch and grow in response to all sorts of different learning challenges. By helping our children to develop the right mindset about the brain, and its capacity for learning, we can empower them to become lifelong learners. This type of mindset is called a growth mindset. At Invincible Kids we teach children how the brain works, and that the brain grows new connections as they practice and learn how to do something. When kids learn how their brains work and grow, they take the first steps of developing a growth mindset.

Instead of saying ‘I can’t’, at Invincible Kids, we teach students the power of asking themselves, ‘How can I?’. This is all done through the power of stories. Students will learn to recognize the differences in growth and fixed mindsets not only in our Wisdom™ story characters, but in themselves, and their own behavior.

Students with a growth mindset look at challenges and learning as opportunities for growth, with failure just being a part of the growth and development process. Learning how to maintain a growth mindset sets up children to be lifelong learners in all areas of their life.

All packages at Invincible Kids can be tailored for group workshops at schools. Any of our packages, or a combination thereof, can be delivered to groups from ages 6-12. Students will learn to develop patterns of thought that proactively build courage, confidence, and empowerment, with a focus on building a growth mindset.