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Mom of 10 year old

Our daughter struggled with a lack of self confidence after an academic setback, and as a result she questioned her abilities, and had self limiting thoughts. This was heartbreaking to see such a happy and bright child holding herself back from her potential. Through Rahima’s mindset skills training and sessions, our daughter is much more […]

Mom of 7 year old boy

Rahima was able to equip our son with various tools to put our son back in charge of his mindset. We have seen such a huge improvement in his self confidence and it has helped him so much at school We are forever grateful!

Mom of 12 year old

“I have seen a huge improvement in my daughter’s self confidence, courage and just general ability to tackle life since she’s been working with Rahima. I think that every pre teen needs a ‘Rahima’ in their lives. Thank you again for everything that you have done and continue to do for our girl.”

Mom of 12 year old girl

Since working with Rahima the change in our daughter has been tremendous. She is so much more confident and secure in who she is and what her boundaries are, she loves herself again and she is getting amazing at regulating her emotions. We have her in a new school now, and she is making friends […]

Mom of 9 year old boy

Through Rahima’s sessions, our son now has the tools at his disposal to be able to power shift his thoughts. I believe this is a lifelong skill and the more he is able to practice these skills the better outcomes he can expect. Also as a strong relationship was built, our son demonstrated increased confidence […]

10 year old girl

Ms. Rahima taught me not to doubt myself and instead feel confident in my answers. Through her training I developed a greater appreciation for my strengths and to recognize the grungies!


Great program! I always wondered how these skills worked and Adventures in Wisdom explains it so clearly…not just to my kids but to me too! This has been great for my family. All families should get this program.


I loved everything I have found about Adventures in Wisdom! It is actually exactly what I have been looking for. My child is 10. His teachers all say he lacks self-confidence, which is baffling to me. He is my only child and my whole world! I have learned some of the reasons through the information […]


The wizard makes learning these amazing skills so easy and fun. My kids love the program. I’m recommending it to all of my friends and family who have kids and their teachers too!